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From a media release:

世界领先的娱乐公司之一大理石媒体今天宣布,随着早期的绿灯和无人参与的部门的持续增长,并在广获成功的极限运动竞赛系列全能冠军赛(All-Round Champion)(11×60).

Off the back of delivering season 2 to BYUtv/TVOkids/Knowledge, the award-winning production company has been commissioned for a third season of the adrenaline-filled sports competition series that sees ten of the best teen athletes compete against each other in a range of sports other than their own speciality. Production 是 underway in Toronto 和 will continue through to late December with broadcast set for late 2021.


作为第三季的东道主,加拿大奥林匹亚和世界冠军赫德勒(Perdita Felicien)再次成为东道主。这个最新的赛季将有来自四次MLS冠军和2011年联赛MVP Dwayne De Rosario的客串表演,以及网球历史上最重要的双打选手和奥运会冠军Daniel Nestor。


“全能冠军”的概念最初是由挪威公共广播公司NRK的国际艾美奖儿童获奖系列Best I Mest构思而成的,随后大理石媒体被正式授权从Beta电影制作北美版本。

该系列的执行制片人包括Matt Hornburg,Mark J.W.主教,史蒂夫·斯隆和联合执行制片人唐娜·卢克(marblemedia); BYU的执行制片人Michael Dunn,Andra Johnson Duke,Melissa Puente和Jim Bell;以及TVO Marney Malabar的执行制作人。



From a media release:

加拿大电影学院&电视(加拿大学院)和WarnerMedia今天宣布,一项针对人才培养计划的WarnerMedia x加拿大学院全球访问作家计划现已启动,该计划的重点是代表性不足的社区的经验丰富的加拿大作家,该计划现已开放到2020年12月18日星期五截止。 Academy.ca/WMAccess_Writers.

The WarnerMedia x Canadian Academy Global Access Writers Program 是 offered in English 和 French to storytellers of all genders, abilities 和 identities from underrepresented communities in Canada, including members of Indigenous, Black, racialized groups, people with disabilities, LGBTQ2+ 和 Francophone minority communities. These creators are experts in their craft but may not have had the opportunity to reach their full industry potential, 和 whose individual voices 和 perspectives need to be heard 和 amplified. Over a period of roughly nine months, the eight to 12 applicants selected will have the opportunity to hone their artistry; gain deeper industry knowledge; 和 experience invaluable exposure to WarnerMedia executives, creators 和 established industry professionals, as well as workshop an unfinished script into a viable draft.

在2020年12月18日(星期五)截止报名之后,华纳媒体和加拿大学院将进行内部,同行和陪审团评审,以确定该计划的八到十二名参与者。 WarnerMedia x加拿大学院全球访问作家计划的开设班将于2021年6月开始。

WarnerMedia和加拿大学院共同致力于提高代表性不足的加拿大创作者在实现全球成功和知名度的道路上的声音。宣布多年合作伙伴关系之后 earlier this year, the WarnerMedia x Canadian Academy Global Access Writers Program 是 the first in a pair of programs focused 上 increasing representation 和 building a more inclusive 和 innovative industry both in front of 和 behind the camera. WarnerMedia will be launching several initiatives over the next several months for above 和 below-the-line talent across the country. The initiatives aim to nurture a sustainable pipeline of Canadian talent as the global demand for unique voices 和 authentic content grows.

WarnerMedia x加拿大学院全球访问作家计划是一项由WarnerMedia赞助并由加拿大电影学院管理的多年计划&电视,与加拿大电视电影公司合作。

了解有关WarnerMedia x加拿大学院全球访问作家计划的更多信息,并在以下位置提交您的申请 Academy.ca/WMAccess_Writers.

有关公告和计划的详细信息,请订阅加拿大学院的新闻通讯,网址为 Academy.ca.


Brightlight Pictures 和 Pier 21 Films in development 上 Fort Puleyne

From a media release:

加拿大领先的影视制作公司Brightlight Pictures今天宣布开发新的喜剧系列,名为 Fort Puleyne。多伦多的制作公司Pier 21 Films将与作家Evany Rosen(新伊甸园) and Bell Media.

Written 和 created by Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley, B Positive) 和 Humphrey Ker (Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet), Fort Puleyne follows the foppishly optimistic young officer, Major Fitzwilliam “Fitz” Gower, as he leaves behind the life he knows for Upper Canada to lead the most misfit militia that ever served in the British Army during the War of 1812. With the help of his men (or more often in spite of them), Fitz must find a way to survive in this backwater garrison, earn his stripes, 和 finally gain the respect of his superiors–who have all but forgotten they stationed him there in the first place.

Middleditch, who just finished a six-season run 上 Silicon Valley  is currently starring in Chuck Lorre’s B Positive,由WME和Kirsten Ames Management拒绝。汉弗莱·克(Humphrey Ker),他在《哈利·波特》第二季上演 Mythic Quest is repped by ICM Partners 和 Kirsten Ames Management.



From David Harrigg of the Vancouver Sun:

罗杰斯体育&媒体周二削减了其在温哥华和卡尔加里的早餐电视(BT)节目,偏爱全国性版本,并削减了广播电台的高级职位。 Continue reading.


威尔·帕斯科(Will Pascoe)宣布担任太平洋编剧计划常驻节目的主持人’2021年脚本系列实验室

From a media release:

The Pacific Screenwriting Program (PSP) 是 excited to announce that award-winning Writer/Producer/Director Will Pascoe will serve as Showrunner-in-Residence for the 2021 Scripted Series Lab. Pascoe will mentor six up-and-coming BC-based screenwriters selected to participate in the program. He will lead the Writer’s Room as they develop his original series in the PSP’s flagship training program starting in January.

Going into its third year, the lab will implement a hybrid-style Writer’s Room combining in-person 和 virtual meetings that reflect the current production protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will still get the full PSP experience including mentoring 上 their original pilot, additional workshops 和 information sessions with other industry leaders to equip them with the skills, experience 和 connections necessary to help establish a sustainable career in the province’s dynamic screen industry. The Pacific Screenwriting Program 是 a collaboration between 网飞, CMPA, the Writer’s Guild of Canada 和 Creative BC.

Will Pascoe最近将Showr放到了Amazon热门系列的第三季中, Absentia. Previous to that, he wrote for Fox’s The Finder, Bell/SyFy Channel’s, 被咬; NBC’s drama series Chicago Med; BBC Worldwide/Starz’s Da Vinci’s Demons 和 Hulu’s Shut Eye 由Jeffrey Donovan和Isabella Rossellini主演。在担任Bell / BBC America's的作家和联合制片人时 Orphan Black, his episode “Variations Under Domestication” earned Pascoe a Canadian Writer’的行业协会奖和埃德加·爱伦坡奖和雨果奖提名。 Will毕业于美国作家协会著名的Showrunner培训计划,还为20世纪福克斯,Playtone和环球影业开发了电视连续剧。

The Scripted Series Lab 是 a 15-week intensive training program providing support 和 career-advancement opportunities for active 和 aspiring screenwriters from across British Columbia, where they receive the necessary support to expand their portfolio 和 pursue opportunities in the evolving TV marketplace. Throughout the program, participants hone their craft, strengthen their collaboration 和 presentation skills, 和 obtain a deeper understanding of the global television industry 和 how to market themselves within it. As the Scripted Series Lab showrunner, Pascoe will mentor the six selected participants within a real-world story room over 10 weeks, breaking stories 和 writing scripts for the original project he brings to the room 和 will subsequently be pitching to streamers 和 networks around the world.

For more information, please visit the Pacific Screenwriting Program 网站.