Netflix makes watching movies cheaper and more convenient than any other method that existed before it, with a small monthly fee for unlimited access to its entire library on just about any device you want. While that’s great, it has another, often overlooked advantage too.

Its collection of content is so vast that there is a selection of movies and TV shows for each genre and topic. This is partly down to the company spending a lot to acquire content from other studios and it investing heavily to 创建自己的本地内容.

There are few cinemas or stores that show/sell such an extensive library due to the logistics and economics of doing so being nearly impossible.



2008年发行, 21 is based on the true story of the MIT Blackjack team. A group of mostly students were taught to count cards in teams to gain an advantage over the house. After rigorous training, the team made regular trips to Las Vegas in an attempt to win big.

Card counting is a genuine technique used in blackjack. While it can improve your odds, it’s still not a guarantee of success, particularly since some casinos use additional decks to make card counting more difficult. Many online casinos like 888 Casino have even offered guides to their customers on blackjack rules and strategy. It’s only possible to count cards live, so there’s nothing to lose for online companies.

Everything goes great for the MIT team, who see a lot of success from their regular weekend trips to Las Vegas, that is, until the money creates rifts between them and they begin to betray each other.



It’s almost 20 years old, but 十一罗汉 still holds up as a great casino movie. Set in Las Vegas, you get to see plenty of casino shots as Danny Ocean’s team of 11 people prepare and enact a daring heist to steal $160 million from three casinos.

The film, which has an impressive ensemble cast of many of the biggest names in Hollywood, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia and Matt Damon, was a huge box office hit. While it received two sequels, the first in the trilogy is by far the best.

It’s a well-balanced mix of brains and brawn, with the team using clever deception techniques to break into the vault of the casinos and get the money back out again. If you’re watching it for the first time, you’ll be surprised by some of the twists and turns in the heist as the group manage to recover from what appear to be metaphorical dead-ends.

即使您以前看过(可能已经看过), 十一罗汉 是一块很棒的手表。



盖·里奇(Guy Ritchie)以创作黑帮电影而闻名,他的第一批作品是 锁,股票和两个吸烟桶。这部1998年的喜剧电影有助于拉里奇(Ritchie)和 前潜水员Jason Statham.

Like 十一罗汉, the film is a heist movie with an ensemble cast that included Vinnie Jones, Sting, Steven Mackintosh and Nick Moran, each with classic British gangster nicknames like “Bacon,” “Soap,” and “the Baptist.”

而不是拉斯维加斯的浮华与魅力, 锁,股票和两个吸烟桶 is set in London, being filmed mostly in the city’s East End. The story revolves around a skilled card player who loses £500,000 while playing in a rigged three-card brag game (which is similar to poker) against a high-ranking criminal.

While he and his friends try to recover the money, they’re caught up in more and more ridiculous scenarios, involving a traffic warden, a van loaded with contraband, and some antique shotguns.


密西西比州 is one of the newest casino films available on Netflix, having first been released in 2015. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Ben Mendelsohn and Sienna Miller, it’s a comedy film about Gerry, a poker player who travels along the Mississippi River to play in casinos and bet on horses.

Gerry is joined by Curtis, who he has invited along as his “lucky charm”. They go through ups and downs as Gerry wins and loses in different games and the pair run into people from their pasts.

After some disagreements, the two rejoin at a blackjack table where they manage to win more than a quarter of a million dollars. Before calling it quits, they head to the craps table to bet it all.

密西西比州 这部电影有很多跌宕起伏,但会让您全神贯注。


邦德是书籍和电影中最著名的人物之一,其特许经营期超过半个世纪。 2006年 皇家赌场 发布是 抢先展示Daniel Craig 如007。这部电影也重置了电影的编年史,这是邦德在MI-6生涯开始时设定的。

Bond remains as sophisticated as ever though, heading to the 皇家赌场 in Montenegro dressed in a tuxedo and driving his Ashton Martin. Everything goes downhill for him when he loses and he gets poisoned, and Bond has to try to use a defibrillator on himself in his car.

He’s not playing poker for fun though. Bond’s there to catch an international terrorist known as Le Chiffre, who had organised the game to recoup funds lost in a bad investment. As you’d expect from a Bond film, there’s plenty of action, including shooting and car chases.

皇家赌场 可能是丹尼尔·克雷格(Daniel Craig)最好的郊游,因为007,绝对值得一看。



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