In the news: Comparing 打 to 角气

电视指南的格雷格·戴维(Greg David):

  • 气体后的寿命’
    “It’不公平,但每个人都会比较布伦特·巴特’s new sitcom, 打, to his old 上 e. You know, that little show called 角气? It ran for six seasons, its characters became beloved friends to millions of viewers and it scored a pantload of Geminis, Canadian Comedy awards and Writers Guild of 足球让球 awards? Yeah, that 上 e.” 阅读更多.

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  1. 今晚观看了两个新的CTV喜剧作品。完全没有灵感。更多你的’d expect from the ‘Corner Gas’球队。两者都不可怕‘Little Mosque’ or ‘Sophie’脉脉,但也不是特别有趣,当然我也没有’d再看一次。九点钟’时钟滚来滚去,我意识到自己没有’没一次笑过。切换到CBS,我设法通过一集‘The Big Bang Theory.’至少我们有曲棍球。